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To facilitate faster production

I’ve put together these products to help my fellow artists

After more than 15 years working in industries like Photography, Print Shop Production, 3D Anime, Music Recording and Composition Score for TV and the silver screen, Logo Design and thousands of Graphic Design jobs. I decided to create some useful tools that you can use to make your work faster, easier and all around easier than I had it without these tools.

I’ve just started offering these product collections and bundles. As time permits rest assure there will follow more tricks of the trade tools and information. If there is one thing I desire in life it is to help my fellow designers, printers and print shops, visual artists and those with the passion for visual art creators. If I have helped at least one person be a better designer and faster turn around for their customers and clients, that makes all the time and effort worth it. 


— Mission

Give back to the industry that has enriched my life with visual beauty and help my fellow graphic designers with useful tools.

— Vision

I feel after 15 years of trial and error education. If I had tools like these and knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have had the difficulties I did in the beginning. So now after building the tools I have I believe today’s graphic designers and shops can benefit and be more profitable, solid production and happier clients.

— Story

I’ve created Font Slug to offer up visual design tools, bundles and collections to assist in creativity and speedy production.
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